Day 2 – adding some dirt #album



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First, I want to thank you for all the comments and PMs I got…very motivating and there were a lot of good ideas in them. Thank you!! Keep them coming 馃檪

On day 2 I did a lot of ground work that will help me being faster in the weeks to come. It started with simple things like setting up the project structure and integrate it into my backup strategy…boring but VERY important. Software updates…not that important, but now is the only time to do it because I won鈥檛 do any updates during the process to keep everything stable.

The more interesting things…on Friday I started working on the first track of the album. I don鈥檛 now if it will be good enough to finally end up on the album, but that鈥檚 not that important at this stage because I鈥檓 still in the phase were I鈥檓 experimenting with ideas and sounds to grow a feeling for the overall aesthetics of the album.

I want it dark, raw, gritty and imperfect. I鈥檓 completely bored of that glossy-high-def-sound. The music should breath, be vivid, have flaws…like in the good old analog days. The thing is, I鈥檓 a 99% in the box guy meaning that besides recording real instruments everything else happens in the box…completely digital. No external summing through analog gear or something. Everything is mixed and processed in the box and in the end it鈥檚 mastered with external analog gear, but a good 鈥渁nalog鈥 sound starts earlier.

How to approach this then?

Well, actually everything that brings in imperfection is a good starting point. When I say imperfection, I don鈥檛 mean wrong playing instruments or something. I basically mean micro changes in tuning, timing, velocity etc.

Like when a real musician is playing a melody line or whatever…actually it鈥檚 perfection combined with imperfection. The same applies when it comes to recording and producing techniques. Since I want the album to be raw, gritty but at the same time warm and analog, lets get out the good old multitrack tape recorder. In my case U-he Satin. On every channel. Just having a tape simulation on the master track is just half the battle…actually not even half. It鈥檚 the hiss, wow & flutter, etc. of every single track that makes the difference. So every channel of the mixer now have Satin as first insert and it is like every signal would have been recorded to tape before feeding it into the mixing desk. One little step closer to the aesthetics I want. Check.
I鈥檒l tell more about how to approach this from the writing/producing point of view in a later post.