January 19th 2017, the annual NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA starts today and runs until Sunday 22nd.

The NAMM ist the year’s first exhibition for anything surrounding music. Musical instruments, PA and recording equipment, DJ equipment and so on…over 100.000 visitors stopped by to get a first glance at some brand new pieces of equipment and get their hands on it.

So what can we expect from this year’s show regarding electronic music?

We took a look at some of the news and rumours around.

Korg’s ARP ODYSSEY FS to be presented

Built in New York the new edition is an exact rebuilt version of the original ARP ODYSSEY but comes with a full size keyboard and it will be available in three different design variations (variable Color and Controls).
All three versions are limited to a specific number which is yet to be announced by Korg.

Price tag: € 1499,-

The new XR Series by Mackie (© MACKIE)

MACKIE to reveal their new XR-Series’ high-end studio monitors

There’s a new series of monitors to be presented by Mackie available in two different model. (XR824 –> 8” and XR624 –> 6”)

Official Mackie website for indepth details and videos: http://mackie.com/products/xr-series


MACKIE Big Knob Studio!

A lot of home – or project studio guys have been waiting for this one!
The well established Big Knob now has gone a step further and Mackie added an audio interface (2 versions: 2×2 and 2×4).

The Big Knob Studio is expected to be shipped in April 2017.

Definitely a highlight!

Official Mackie Big Knob Information


Pioneer DJ Toraiz AS-1

Monophonic Analog Synthesizer Module with Digital Recall, 13-note Touchpad Keyboard, Ribbon Controller, Sequencer, and 7 Onboard Effects.

Pioneer followed up their first collaboration with Dave Smith (Toraiz SP-16) with the Toraiz AS-1.

Key Features:

  • Prophet-6 analog sound
  • Full programmability
  • 495 presets
  • Prophet-6 FX
  • Keyboard & Scale mode
  • Slider

Price Tag: $ 499,-, shipping to be announced!

Take a look at Pioneer’s Official Introduction of the Toraiz AS-1

Check out Pioneer’s Website for more information here!


Take a look at the official NAMM website for more information.