100 Episodes of the Eagle Sessions.

ES#100 – Guesstbeats & Kidmalone

On October 24th 2014 the first ever episode of the Eagle Sessions was uploaded to Soundcloud and Mixcloud. In the beginning I planned to create a monthly podcast with a selection of my current favourite tracks to play.

The podcast wasn’t even called ‘Eagle Sessions’ just simply ‘October Session’ and also was without any comments or introduction. The first ever song being played was Bob Sinclar’s – ‘Back Again’.

Setlist of the first ever Eagle Session

Due to a growing fanbase the podcasts became more frequent and with episode #007 the name ‘Eagle Sessions’ was created. God knows why, it was probably the first bird that came to mind and I always liked eagles.

Finally with episode #013 on the 5th of May 2015 I decided to start a weekly schedule releasing every Tuesday!

After a little while I started to ask other DJs and friends from all over the world to contribute guestmixes for the podcast and so I extended the whole thing to 2 hours.

In February 2016 I started a collaboration with UK-based portal Syndicast to deliver the podcast to radio stations all over the world. Now after almost a year of being ‘ON AIR’ as a radio show we count a little over 60 stations worldwide hosting the show week-in week-out!

What’s planned for the future?…well…another 100 episodes hopefully and hopefully soon a televised version of the show as well as our Eagle Sessions’ Showcases which we started with already a couple of months ago.

Here’s the list of the artists who contributed their mixes to our show:

Ale Castro, Andrea Martini, Andrew Fonda, Animated Sounds,
be.the.flow, Ben Champell, Bono Goldbaum,
Carlo Ruetz, Cedsh, Cemono,
Daniel Rajkovic, Deeployed, Dezibell, DJ Bert, DJ Hildegard, DJ Joe Joe, Ecco,
El Chriso, El Sam,
Ferdinand Hübl,
Giannis Coroneos, Greck B, Guessbeats & Kidmalone,
Harada, Henning Richter,
Jamtech, Joanish, Jon Snow, Joro & Joabo, Josh Vox,
Kaiser Souzai, Kurt Kjergaard,
Lucks, Luu,
Marc Fisher, Marc St. James, Maxime Laffon, Miguel Bastida, Mita Mita, Mucho Stylez,
Natch & Dothen, Neptun 505,
Patrick Kunkel, Paul Darey, Philipp Ort, Philipp Wolf,
RazV, Rummy Sharma,
Silli, Stefano Noferini,
The Henrik Maneuver, Tom Faron, Tomy Wahl,
Umberto Pagliaroli,
Vom Feisten

ES#100 – Guesstbeats & Kidmalone